Level Test


1. Where can you see this notice?    Ask about our chef’s specials

2.This car is more ____________ than that one.

3. Mohammed and Khaleel ____________ doctors.

4. The bank is ____________ to the supermarket.

5. What ____________ on Thursday?

6. “Can I get anything for you at the market?”

     “Yes,____________ apples.”

7. A ____________ works in a garage.

8. I’ve got three brothers. ____________ , but the other one is still at school.

9. I arrived at work three hours ____________ .

10. Where can you see this notice?


11. “What does Miriam do?”

     “She’s ____________ .”

12. “We want to buy a new house. Yesterday we saw a very nice house near here, ____________ so we are not buying it.”

13. I go home 3 ____________ o’clock.

14. He plays football____________ than me..

15.FOR SALE: White Honda Accord. Only two years old. Good condition._____________. 4 speed automatic. ABS brakes and air bags. $7000 Tel: 5521102

16.“Are the boys’ bicycles in the garage?” “No there ________in the garage."

17.“______________much is that?” “That’s one pound eighty, please.”

18. John woke up late and________________ , so he took a taxi to work.

19.We usually________________shopping by car, but today we are going by taxi.

20. “______________________ does he go to work?” “By bus.”

21.“How’s Ali’s sister?”

22.“____________does class finish?” “It finishes at 9.15.”

23. Which is the correct meaning for this notice? PUBLIC CAR PARK $2.00 an hour $5.00 a day

24.He’s not right handed. He’s ____________handed.

25. He___________________doesn’t believe it even though we’ve shown him the evidence.

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